Phone/Office/Onsite Consultations - Do you have a quick question I can help you research, confirm your conclusions, or help you find a direction to go? Quick and "easy" questions can always be handled over the phone or by a quick visit to your office. This would also includes reviewing e-mailed “single-issue” pdf files.

Plan or Correction Review - Let me help you save time and rounds of re-submittals by reviewing your plans before you submit for a permit or complete your design. Did you already submit and want assistance with the corrections you received? With years of experience as a plans examiner for two jurisdictions, I can help identify potential trouble spots before they can become an issue, and help you in getting your permit.

Site Investigations – Full or Specific - Not sure what barriers currently exist at your site? Not sure how your project goals will be affected by these barriers? Have a specific issue that needs to be looked at? Full Investigation will give you a list of barriers and potential remedies. A Specific Investigation will look at one or two issues that are already identified to help find a remedy.

Training/Education - Do you need CEU's for your AIA requirement? Do you want to have a session you and/or your staff can attend? Classes can be tailored to your requirements in 2 or 3 hour increments and given at a location and time that is convenient to your work needs.

Additional Services - This could include field or office meetings with local code officials, design group team meetings, presentations, etc.

For pricing or if you need me to make a proposal, please contact me at: