About Us

Chris Hansen
Chris is an "Access Specialist", certified by the State of California (CASp #270 - 2010), an ICC Certified Plans Examiner (1999) and an ICC certified Building Inspector (1995).

Central Coast Access Specialists, LLC, is a company founded in Santa Barbara County by Chris Hansen, former Plan Check Supervisor for the City of Santa Barbara, California to assist central coast architects, contractors, business and property owners in becoming compliant with California and Federal accessibility laws.

Chris has worked in the field of building codes and code enforcement since 1990. Starting as a code enforcement officer with the City of Santa Barbara, Chris rose through the ranks in both the cities of Santa Barbara and Santa Maria (1996-2002) as a field inspector, plans examiner and finally, in 2003, as an Inspection/Plan Check Supervisor for the City of Santa Barbara until he retired in September of 2011.

In addition to years of study, interpretation and application of the codes, Chris has also gained practical knowledge by having conducted numerous training classes for local building departments, Santa Barbara architect's and contractor's associations, and by working with project applicants coming in to the building divisions in both Santa Maria and Santa Barbara.

The ability to see real and practical solutions to issues that are not just building codes, but quality of life issues for our disabled community, is what has set Chris apart. Being able to find ways to remove barriers that allows access without placing great strains on new or existing businesses has been his main goal since the beginning of his career. This continues to be a focus of this company and our services.